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Registered professionals must meet continuing education requirements of 1 Continuing Education Credit (CEU) or 10 contact hours per year to maintain registration.

Continuing Education Submission Information

To request Continuing Education Credit, download this Application Form. One form must be completed for each CEU experience. Conferences and multiple-class seminars may be on one sheet. To obtain CEU credit, you must attach official documentation that verifies the number of hours that you attended.

Acceptable documentation includes: conference agendas with times listed, certificates of completion with number of hours attended or CEU credits granted, transcripts from a college or university, or a letter from the administrator of the continuing education program you attended.

Time allotted for breaks, lunches, dinners, travel, business meetings, etc. will not be counted towards your total CEU hours.

You will be awarded 16 contact hours for each semester credit hour and 13 contact hours for each quarter credit hour you complete at a college or university. The course must fall within the criteria listed below.  Submit a form with a copy of your transcripts or grade card attached. The documentation must show a passing grade and the number of college credits you were awarded.

Certificates and Home Study Courses. A certificate of completion can be accepted for courses only if the sponsoring agency has awarded a specific number of CEUs or contact hours. This award must be preprinted on the certificate as issue. Please send a copy of your certificate with your CEU application. If the CEUs or contact hours are not pre-printed we must have a detailed agenda as described above in order to adequately determine CEU credit. You will usually receive a certificate of completion for home study courses. The same criteria apply for these certificates as mentioned above. However, if your certificate does not show the number of CEUs or contact hours awarded, you will need to obtain something in writing from the home study agency to verify the time involved for completion of the course.

Letter of Attendance from Course Instructors. This must include the course title, the dates of the course, the topics discussed, and the start and finish times and/or an estimate of the number of hours of actual learning time for a person who attends the course. The letter should be on the instructor’s company letterhead with an original signature of the instructor.

Applications for CEU must be made within 18 months of the course date. Titles vary by providers. Reviewer uses discretion as to actual course content to determine amount of credit given.

How does WSBRS define a CEU?

One CEU credit equals 10 contact hours of participation in an organized educational experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction. A contact hour is defined as 60 minutes, portions of an hour shall be calculated by finding the total number of minutes, dividing by 60, and rounding to the nearest 100th to determine the CEU. The IACET Continuing Education Unit Criteria and Guidelines will be used in instances where the WSBRS Bylaws do not apply.

What counts as a CEU?

Content must relate to the environmental health field in one of the following technical subject areas:

Swimming Pools
Environmental Justice
Emerging Pathogens
Computer Science
Vector Control
Zoonotic Diseases
Management or Leadership
Hazardous and Toxic Substances
Environmental Health Research
Injury Prevention
Food Protection
Institutional Environmental Health
General Environmental Health
International Environmental Health
Onsite Wastewater Management
Motivational or Educational Techniques Built Environments
Tobacco or marijuana Climate Change
Healthy Housing Public Health Integration, Communications or Policy
Technology Emergency Preparedness
General Environmental Health Water Recreation
Environmental Justice or Health Equity Emerging Pathogens

CEU credit of 0.1 CEU for each contact hour will be awarded for the following types of training activities unless specified otherwise:

  • Certification Programs
  • Computer Based/Computer Training
  • Home Study Courses/ Correspondence Course
  • Training Modules
  • Military Training
  • National/State/Local Conferences
  • Videos/satellite
  • Field trips - (only include contact learning hours)
  • University/College Course

The following examples are considered components of an effective training presentation and may be accepted for full credit:

  • Group Exercise
  • Keynote
  • Lab Time/Demonstrations
  • Meal Speakers
  • Open Forum
  • Overview Welcome or Introduction
  • Panel Discussion
  • Q & A/Discussion
  • Report Out/Summation
  • Roundtable (no audience)
  • Welcome or Introduction
  • Wrap-up/Review/Summary

The following are not accepted for continuing education:

  • Business meetings
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Critique
  • Defensive Driving
  • Exhibitors/Poster Sessions
  • Networking


What doesn't count as a CEU?

No credit shall be allowed for on-the-job training or internal office training sessions unless the in-house training has a qualified presenter and is applicable to the profession. CEU’s will not be awarded for courses taken more than once within a 3-year period unless it can be shown that course content changed substantially.