Washington State Board of Registered Sanitarians

PO Box 384
Snohomish, WA 98291

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The practice of environmental health directly affects the public health, the quality of the environment and welfare of the citizens of the State of Washington. In order to safeguard health and property, and to protect the public welfare, any person practicing or offering to practice, as a sanitarian, must meet minimum competency requirements.

The Washington State Board of Registered Sanitarians is established to provide a mechanism whereby the competency of environmental health professionals may be tested and certified as meeting established standards for breadth and depth of knowledge and skill proficiency. The registration certificate is a certificate of qualification, and is intended to meet the needs to the state, municipalities, federal government, other employees and of the citizens of the state for qualified practitioners.

The Board shall work to upgrade the profession of environmental health through registration of professional practitioners engaged in the practice of environmental health.

Annual Dues

$50.00 per year for Active Members, $20.00 per year for Inactive Members.   Renewals notices are mailed  yearly, June 1st.

WSBRS Board Members

 Rob Eastman, Chair - email me
Retired, Chelan Douglas County Health Department                 

Lars Richins, Treasurer - email me
Ben Franklin Health Department

Katie Lott, Secretary  - email me
Tacoma Pierce County Health Department


Executive Secretary

Toni Plemel- email me

Continuing Education Committee

Jeff Ketchel, Chair

Art Starry                        
Eric Meyer
Ryan Ibach                             
Charles Wu                                 
Shawn Blackshear




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